Domaine de Gaspé: A winter wonderland for nature enthusiasts


Explore the hidden gem of Domaine de Gaspé, a winter haven where outdoor activities meet natural beauty. Located just 30 minutes from Montmagny, this enchanting site offers a variety of experiences, from serene trails to panoramic views, warm relaxation spots to unexpected encounters with local wildlife. 

Winter activities for every taste 

Domaine de Gaspé reveals itself as a versatile destination for winter activity enthusiasts. Whether you're a passionate walker, a cross-country skiing aficionado, or a snowshoe explorer, this domain offers meticulously maintained trails that stretch as far as the eye can see. An outdoor ice rink adds a playful touch to the experience. 

Accessibility and convenience 

Easily access Domaine de Gaspé through the ample parking at Club de Golf Trois-Saumons. Only 30 minutes from Montmagny, this strategic location provides quick access to a memorable winter getaway. 

Picnic welcome 

Bring your own meal and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the domain. The Club de Golf building, open to visitors, offers tables and restrooms to make your experience as comfortable as possible. 

Easy orientation with informative signs 

Don't worry about getting lost. Well-positioned signs guide visitors through the trails, providing information on the difficulty level of the routes for an experience suitable for all levels. 

Rest oasis in the heart of the domain 

In the center of the domain, a welcoming area invites you to relax. An outdoor fireplace surrounded by benches and a heated cabin offer a warm refuge to catch your breath, savor your lunch, or simply appreciate the winter tranquility. Dry toilets are also available. 

Panoramic view from the observation tower 

Cross the river via a picturesque trail that leads to an observation tower. Up there, a breathtaking view of the majestic St. Lawrence River will reward you, making this hike an adventure not to be missed. 

Encounter with local wildlife 

For wildlife enthusiasts, bird feeders scattered throughout the site provide an opportunity to admire the natural residents, from curious chickadees to playful squirrels.

Domaine de Gaspé promises a winter experience rich in discoveries, relaxation, and communion with nature. Whether alone, with family, or friends, this hidden gem invites you to create unforgettable memories in an enchanting setting. 



Émilie, 02/2024