Snowmobiling adventure: Discovering breathtaking views of Massif du Sud


Winter in our region offers an unforgettable experience for snowmobiling enthusiasts. Embark on an adventure through breathtaking landscapes, explore diverse trails, and enjoy all-inclusive packages for an unparalleled winter escapade. 

Snowmobiling Expedition: A must-experience adventure 

Snowmobiling is more than just a means of winter transportation; it's a true adventure. Pristine trails and snow-covered landscapes invite you to explore nature in a unique way. Take a thrilling ride and discover the excitement of snowmobiling in our region. 

Breathtaking panoramas at Mont du Midi 

The pinnacle of the snowmobiling adventure? The spectacular views from Mont du Midi in Massif du Sud. When you reach these snow-covered peaks, the natural beauty stretching before you is simply breathtaking. It's a visual experience you'll cherish long after turning off the engine.

Diverse routes for every taste

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned snowmobiler, our region offers a range of trails suitable for all levels. Choose your own adventure by exploring trails that vary in length and difficulty, providing a personalized experience according to your preferences. 

Irresistible packages for a memorable stay 

For those looking to extend their experience, all-inclusive packages are available. These packages not only include accommodation but also delectable meals and the option to choose pre-planned routes. Enjoy your getaway to the fullest without worrying about logistical details. 

Easy access with your own equipment 

Want to bring your trailer or head directly to the trail from downtown? No problem! Our region is designed to welcome snowmobiling enthusiasts with convenient access facilities, allowing you to start your adventure from the very first moment. 
Whether you're a seasoned snowmobiling enthusiast or a novice seeking new thrills, our region promises an unforgettable winter experience. Embark on a snowmobiling adventure and discover the frozen beauty that surrounds us. 



Émilie, 02/2024